Welcome toCreekside Animal Hospital "Where Pets Are Family"

Your feline family members will enjoy the "birds eye" view they will have in our condos and kennels with windows!  Our feline boarders are housed in a separate room from the dogs.

Large windows and skylight provide natural light in kennel area.  24 hour contemporary Christian music provided by "Positive and Encouraging" K-Love.

Your dog(s) will enjoy being in our fenced-in yard with lots of trees!  Our large fenced in yard allows pets to be walked safely away from traffic.  When you need or just want to go out of town, you will have peace of mind knowing that your pets will be well cared for in a safe, clean, loving environment. 

Boarding Policies:

Here at Creekside Animal Hospital, we enjoy taking care of your pet while you are away.  We know how stressful it can be for both you and your pet to be separated.  Therefore, we strive to make your pet’s stay here as comfortable as possible. We offer a friendly and knowledgeable staff with comfortable accommodations and amenities for your precious companion(s). For your pets' safety, they will be housed in separate kennels.  At your request, family pets may be walked in the yard together.  Dogs that have stayed a minimum of three day will receive a complimentary bath the morning they are scheduled to go home.  Dismissal time is anytime after 2:00 pm; however we do request that you call before picking up to make sure pets are dry. Pets released earlier than that may not have had a bath or may still be wet.  We feed Purina Prescription EN in the kennel, which is an easily digestible diet.  We request that if you bring your own food, please place each feeding in individual ziploc bags and only bring what your pet will need for the stay, as we are limited on storage space.  Please feel free to call during regular hospital hours to check on the well being of your pet.

·  Feeding: Your pet will be fed once daily unless on a special diet that requires twice daily feedings.  Water will be available at all times.

·  Walks:  Your dog(s) will be walked a minimum of twice daily in our fenced-in yard. 

·  Belongings: All medications must be brought in original packaging to ensure accuracy of dosing. You are welcome to bring a toy for your pet to play with as long as they are not known to chew them  up.  You may also leave a shirt, towel or light blanket for your pet, but please understand that it may be in the laundry and therefore, not ready to go home when your pet is.

·  Complimentary services:  After a minimum three day stay, your dog will receive a complimentary bath, nail trim, ear wash and anal gland expression at no charge on the day they go home. 

·  Care:  Your pet is cared for from the moment you place them in our hands.  For this reason, we charge by the day, to include the day they come in and the day they go home.

·  Prepay:  New clients will be required to prepay for boarding.  Established clients will only need to pay if the pet will be staying for a month or more.

Vaccines:  All pets are required to have a full set of current vaccines.  This includes the following:
Canine: Rabies, DHLPC & Bordetella
Felines:  Rabies, FVRCP & Leukemia

                                                                         Boarding Prices

                             Dog Boarding                                                                             Cat Boarding

                 0 -  10 lbs..............$9 per day                                                 Regular...........................$9 per day
                11 -  20 lbs.............$10 per day                                                w/Window.....................$11 per day
                21 -  35 lbs............$11 per day                                                 Condo...........................$14 per day                                   36 -  50 lbs............$14 per day
                51 -  100 lbs..........$15 per day
                over 100 lbs..........$20 per day